Image of Labyrinth The Ello Worm 1:1 Scale Statue

Labyrinth The Ello Worm 1:1 Scale Statue


Collect this incredibly detailed Labyrinth The Ello Worm 1:1 Scale Statue, replicated in life-like scale! The mixed media statue, made of polystone and synthetic faux fur, features Ello wrapped up in his signature red scarf. Measures approximately 3-inches long x 2-inches wide x 4 1/4-inches tall.

The mysterious denizens of Labyrinth come in all shapes and sizes, and each is just as likely to help as they are to hinder. As Sarah collapses from exhaustion whilst seeking an entrance to the maze, a small but cheery voice calls out to her, "Ello."

A single worm, small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand, with three tufts of dark blue hair rests near a small hole in the Labyrinth's walls. After offering a moment of brief respite to our young heroine and a promise of hospitality that is rarely shared among strangers, this inconspicuous creature reveals one of the Labyrinth's many hidden secrets, opening Sarah's eyes to the first of many illusions to come. Ages 15 and up.